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MYRIAD Chapter I [Lorenzo Ghetti & Ugo Schiesaro, Edizioni Delibile August 2013]

MYRIAD Edizioni Delibile http://delebile.com/ In 2013 I managed to visit the Lucca Summer Festival – mainly because of Cristian “Akira” Darstar (Otaku Magazine, Cosplay Gen, Manga Inc, Harap Alb, SEFEU, Geruman & much more) and his extraordinary parents living and working in Italy, not very far from Lucca. Lucca Fest is a demo of how …

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Asian Miracle ghosts of Tokyo Ghost #1 & #2 [Sean Murphy/Rick Remender/Matt Hollingsworth Image Comics 2015]

“Look I didn’t create the problem. Robotics did the farming, mining, manufacturing, construction… Everything. Left an unemployed population with a lot of free time. So I keep them entertained. I make them comfortable. So I gave them each their own channel. When human life became worthless I gave it Value” – Mr Flak founder of …

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[ENGLISH]Measuring The Book Of George

I think this book is old news now, but a review can never be too late, shedding some of its stinking light on all cultural products of our human endeavour. Also we are lazy. This is a take on the english version – there is one in romanian available as well.     So, first …

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[ENGLISH]Clear Details Concerning The Rumanian Tradition Of The Ultra Comix

{ The basic selective ethic of this zine is that you can’t produce a piece of art that would suck so much as to not get you into the pages of Sefeu }

[ENGLISH]SUBcosmic Fandomists Approaching Planet EARTH !

Balta Alba Brood

full-hearted brood-defenders rigurously spred-out across the predicted area of impact have already entered yellowcode alert, suiting-up with some of the most stylish psychomental barrier-helmets made of leather available in our solar system.