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Das Hochhaus 102 floors are alive (The High-Rise) by Katharina Greve

check www.das-hochhaus.de How would comixuri.ro fare if it added another floor with each new post? Hopefully not like one of those ‘unborn'(Kai Caemmerer) cities in China that where meant to host of all the migrant workers that failed to appear, or end up like those cherished blogs that one has completely forsaken (‘I was into …

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Asian Miracle ghosts of Tokyo Ghost #1 & #2 [Sean Murphy/Rick Remender/Matt Hollingsworth Image Comics 2015]

“Look I didn’t create the problem. Robotics did the farming, mining, manufacturing, construction… Everything. Left an unemployed population with a lot of free time. So I keep them entertained. I make them comfortable. So I gave them each their own channel. When human life became worthless I gave it Value” – Mr Flak founder of …

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