[ENGLISH]SUBcosmic Fandomists Approaching Planet EARTH !


Balta Alba Brood

Hailing from Balta Alba’s blooddrenched welfare-free sloping greengutters, trashed by telecom satellites debris and cellulose pulp-swamps, hardened fans of the sequential medium brood inside high altitude high density tightly packed concrete apartments of doom.


This is an urgent psychotropic message, directed to all the technospiritual peoples on our fair planet – who are in the least concerned with the outrageously overlooked destiny of great comicxs ART. Ultimately, ULTRA  A-CLASS  ART.

Pull your heads out of your ass immediately, and listen carefully, and listen good. There is news of vicious alien dreadmongers and also psychotic intergalactic slavemasters clad in supersteel, driving as we speak at superluminous speeds away from their own distant comicx-devouring planets beyond our galactic realm – beginning an imminent and malicious approach towards our fledgling planetary defensive structures of the comicx. We simply cannot endure such a grave and obstinate obstruction of our sweet lacteean order. This’ a call for you true patriots, guys and chicks who dig this stuff and are ready to give up grass or k or their precious young juicylife, for the sake of comicx ,godamnitmanohmygosh! We say this with all our hearts and minds made up for victory. Temporary planetary defense systems have been diligently set-up and heavily hardwarised around the vital points of the Comicx Gaya Overflow – located momentarily at an undisclosed site, roughly over the area of Bucharest Trash Kapitel.

Our trusted photo-documentation, concerning the actual field status, indicates numerous full-hearted brood-defenders rigurously spred-out across the predicted area of impact, already entering yellowcode alert, suiting-up with some of the most stylish  psychomental-barrier-helmets made of leather available in our solar system (see above). 

Another instrument of great power, boosting awesome humanistic potential,  proving effective superiority against the alien epsylon-ray attack, and  much more accurate in focusing both human and transhuman parallelepipedic mind power( thus enabling defense+offense integrated  guerilla tactics )  happens to be the cushionable but durable Sherpylyan Necklace of Doom, showcasing its monstruous outpouring power below :


The Sherpylyan M-Power in Default State - Standby Mode.

The Sherpylyan M-Power in Default State – Standby Mode.


Dutiful implementation of Sherpylyan Power on camouflaged alien spandex stock dummy

Dutiful implementation of Sherpylyan Power on camouflaged alien spandex stock dummy


Inside one secluded condo, deep-seated amidst the central intestines of the axial resistent capital –  Bucharest, has been installed a temporary Sefew D-fence Altar, also known as the Working And Running Portal : W-A-R-P.>< Its obvious purpose being of course the preservation of clean creamy comicx mindship among hardened fans, and rebuking evil aliens from downgrading our lush proto-industrial manufactures of hardware comicx to the lowest pits of intergalactic slave-labour.


W - A - R - P

W – A – R – P


This measures taken, you can rest assured that only with your fan-minds active, focused on the impending danger and on the righteousness of our cause,  can we overcome invasion, mutation,inflation, high quality, vacation, color, and alien mindwashing schemes, my friends !


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    • m. alecsandru on 20/09/2011 at 15:56

    i want much to help, but what should i do?

      • nicu on 20/09/2011 at 16:02

      must eat aliens livers to gain energy !!!

    • john (Dominican Republic) on 20/09/2011 at 16:02

    para luchar con las armas en sus manos!
    anónimo y los templarios para hacer el trabajo por ti
    en su lugar. que a formular las preguntas, es mejor que actuar en nombre del INTERNATIONAL COMICXU UNIVERSAL

      • nicu on 26/10/2011 at 22:20

      stop talking spanish man , I no comprende

  1. i very like

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