[ENGLISH]Clear Details Concerning The Rumanian Tradition Of The Ultra Comix



As more and more copies of this dubious publication gets out there to all kinds of healthy young&full-of-gluten peoples, WE, as the constituents of the C.O.R.E. (also known in rumanian as Cenaclul S.E.F.E.U.), feel responsible to make some precious specificationes regarding the Sefeu collection of romanian comics(&more, baby): well this is truly anybody’s zine of choice.

That means anybody out there, seeing these comics put in magazine format, is saying to himself  : i got this shit figured out; or: this is some great publication –  nobody in teh world is stopping you from printing it and making some bucks with this piece of artfuck.

sell it to comics enthusiasts in your own neighbourhood, or hand it out for free to the art-loving homeless people you see hanging around your kommunal dumpster. clearly, everybody in a democracy should have easy acces to comics, and/or serialpornshit( like that two-meter poster-cake in the fifth issue, baybee).

Do not look over any chance of trolling: placing the zine into bookshops and this sort of places iz very useful, as they are totally unaware, poor noobs. All up to this point, would be defined as the first phase, and you would be replicators, just duplicating the Sefeu entity, free of any constraints – as all its pieces are copylefted for eternity(like the Bible, baby).

Second step for you would be to have THE POWER, and send contributions on your own to the magazine. As they reach the print they would lose any normative ownership(as in intelectual ownership etc). There will still be plenty of rumors floating around assigning informal credit to all the specific and known contributors, as they will be remembered and hallowed in secret complex rituals by educated cultists, specialized in mystic practices dedicated to the comics. The information contained into the zine will not be sold. Actually, it does not matter if Sefeu will be sold or given away for free : it will just be settled according to the outcome of chance encounters. Money that is produced as an exchange for the magazine will be directed into  further re-production, trying to create a circuit that will fuel future output of hardcopies, as the existing ones are sold. The price does not bare much importance, since all the money raised is infused in more copies. If the price is larger than the actual production cost of one copy, it will only mean that the next batch will contain a larger number of copies. This phase naturally implies, as you might have noticed, that everyone concerned with contributing is encouraged to also make hard copies and spread them nicely across the national and international mindscape. And vice-versa YO. [The basic selective ethic of this zine is that you cannot produce a piece of art that would suck so much as to not get you into the pages of  Sefeu].

Art for the people, YO. And for the animals? We got’em covered 2, bitches[!]

Yes, alien gods have revealed to us a third glorious phase as well. And this be a fun phase – actually, it can really kick ass. The Sefeu is botoom-line independent, in the sense that anybody can put out a new issue, without any contribution from any of the previous makers or so-called founders.  Yes, it has been started by somebody, and for the specific purpose of  designing a publishable entity that would contain comics and would be entirely open-source. So we have a  basic idea: do you want to make comics and share them among your low-class comrades with whom you’ve shared a sizable amount of cheap beer, or the  high-class intellectual gurus you worship – you can(and should you?) make it in the form of Sefeu(choose another name if you think this is lame) – a juicy, xeroxed/self-published collection of comics, by underrated, laughably skilled, oblivion-bound artists, side by side with drug-fueled rising stars of the art sidewalks |_| catwalks, or the hip, vegetarian, self-loathing illustrators of the corporate decorum, descending radiant from the wuthering glossy heights of  the art compendiums. Hack the publishing medium, hack the literary correctitude, hack the neologistic discourse –  by having no clue and still doing it like a master. Hack this magazine, bitch.

Concerning the possibilities of this great planet  and its awesome inhabitants, the probability of a new parallel genealogy of the zine to appear somewhere, totally unknown to the Cenaclu, and to continue to develop parallel to this Sefeu, is completely superb. Double or multiple instances of the same-but-different thing, going on at the same time in different places – in the same place wouldn’t be bothersome either – would totally kick ass of the first classic law of thought. It’s all about having fun the rumanian way : full-blown piracy in effect, YO.

(we will upload a minimum quantity of info concerning the basic kit needed to produce magazines on your own in the comfort of your home)

Everybody making comics out here, on the stranded rumanianscape, your memorable efforts will be forever gilded in spiritual gold, baby – The Cenaclu of the Sefeu has constant worship being delivered by devout comix cultists, directly above to the almighty Zamolxis, YO !